Paul H. Breslin
Paul started in photography using 35mm film in 1974 and learned to develop and print his photographs in a darkroom. Although his main career followed a different path, the visual arts were always involved. As a software developer Paul’s work focused mainly on applications of computer graphics in film, television and computer aided design. Photography however was always on the sidelines and, with the advent of more affordable high-quality digital cameras and editing software, Paul was able to rejuvenate his love of photography and nurture his creative side more effectively and more often.
Paul’s favourite subjects are landscapes and nature, but you’ll also find creative abstracts and concept pieces among his works. Capturing a subject at a moment in time and presenting it in a way that invokes a response in the viewer is both the challenge and the reward.
Paul has been president of the Midland District Camera club and has won awards in both club and inter-club photo competitions. He enjoys working with the local photography community and in addition to acquiring new skills and knowledge through this community, he enjoys helping others to learn and experience the joys of photography.
Paul lives in Tiny Township, Ontario with is wife Heather Kertzer a renowned and respected fine artist.